Welcome to the Buyer’s Guide for sex swing. This is where you will find all the information you need to make the perfect purchase for the six swing that will fit your life. Sex swing has you completely covered. We have so many swings to choose from and we’re gonna breakdown each part so we know that you’re getting the swing that’s the best for you.

Now it comes down to three key components. And that is comfort, installation, and safety. And we really are serious about these three topics, right? So we are gonna go over it. And you’re gonna know when you make your purchase, that it is the right wing for your situation. A special note is when you go to sexswing, and you go to any product, we have you just scroll down a little bit.

We have all the product specs. So we’ve gone through each individual product and we’ve taken measurements. We know what kind of foam that they’re using. We’ve done all different things with each one so you can go here and know what you’re getting under the specs. So that’s a really important feature. And we are going to kind of highlight some of those specs right now. So let’s go right to the top. And for that, we have a single point swing or a single hook swing. And what that means is that the location it mounts on the ceiling is in one location.

Single Hood Swing

Sex Swing Buying Guide for Beginner - SEX TOYS

The benefit to a single hood swing is that you can get a swivel hook and it can spin. A couple swings do come with swivel hooks, most don’t. The other option is a dual hook and it has two springs, no bar over your head. And the advantage to thesis that you can have it as wide as you want. This does not spin though. So that’s a little bit different between those. The single hook works with two of our seven mounting options. And the dual hook works with all seven of our mounting options. You can find it right there.

A huge comfort factor in any sex swing is the width that you have at the top. And for a single hook, its determined by the bar. Now bars range from 14 inches like this one up to about 24 inches. And 14 inches is really narrow. So what happens with a bar is that it limits the distance you have up here so you’re gonna end up kind of a V shape happening, and that’s going to dig a lot into hips, especially with certain swings.

I’m gonna sit in this just so you can see how see I’m like already like V-end in here. And the straps are just like shah, like that. So this is a narrowest bar that is sold. Just keep that in mind but for a good example, you can see what’s happening. Let’s contrast that with a dual hook and what happens here. So the dual hook, your weight is actually dispersed over two different locations. And you can make the distance as wide as you want. So say we wanted it well maybe like 30 inches.

Butt and Back Strap

We are going to cover straps. You have a main strap and that goes on your butt and a back strap, and there’s four different components that make up a strap. So the first is webbing. You can see all these have webbing. Then the strap length, the strap width, and the strap, the material the strap is made of like the foam inside. These four have two inch webbing.

Swings on the Market

Now there are some swings on the market that I do not sell or endorse that have less than two inches of webbing. That is not safe and I would not put that on my site. So for this case, we only do two inch and above. And these have two inch, this one has four inch. And the length of your pad is really important. And you can see here, I’m have them all lined up at the bottom. Some of them might even be off the screen frame here.

Longer Strap

Now the longer straps you get, that’s not so much the case. Like these three down here are very long straps. They’re about 28 inches long. And that’s not gonna be digging into you. Okay, the other thing that we need to cover is the width of the material that you’re sitting on. Okay? So you can have pretty narrow foam or in this case neoprene, but padding that you’re sitting on.

So keep that in mind. Obviously the wider pad that you get is more beneficial. And then the type. So let’s go in. This is a neoprene. I think of like a wet suit. It has that feel to it. It’s a little bit thicker. It’s about 1/4 inch, but it’s pretty flimsy. This is about as cheap rap as you can get here. This is, I don’t even know. This is like, it’s not, it’s really weak foam, and so what’s gonna happen with a swing like thesis when you sit in it, it’s going to curl around this two inch webbing. And essentially, in this one and in this one, you’re just going to be sitting on two inches of webbing. And that will not be fun for very long. Then you can go into some more denser foams.

This is the Wild Sideband this is a Whip Smart. And these have some really good foam. They’re gonna be really comfortable for your hips. They’re not gonna put pinch you. This one’s definitely the most foam out of any swing on the market. These are both wide. They’re comfortable. You’re good. Then you go over down here. This is a Screamer.

Comfortable Webbing

This one has four inches of foam on four inches of webbing. So this is gonna be super comfortable. Think of sitting like maybe on the swing sets when you were a kid at the park. They were all about four inches. And they were solid, like solid plastic. But the same idea,where it’s a solid piece that you’re gonna be sitting on. So we are going to move on to the strap system and the stirrups.

Now there are two options with straps, there is removable ad noun-removable straps. Or detachable and non-detachable straps. This swing that I am in is anon-removable strap system. And you can see what that means is everything is sewn together all as one unit. This makes this swing impossible to wash. So keep that one in mind. And when you’re in situations like this where your butt is hanging off, maybe you’re doing some back play or whatever, this strap is just kind of in the way. Like you can’t remove it.

You can’t do anything with it. It’s just kind of hanging on your back and it’s in the way. As well as the stirrups. Like if I’m down here like this, I don’t need the stirrup here banging my arm, right? But I can’t remove it. So let’s go over and look one that you can remove. Right here is a swing with removable straps. And everything comes off of this carabineer area right here.

Squatting Attachments

You can put things on. You can take ‘me off. It works really good with any of the attachments, like squatting attachments where you can’t use squatting attachments unless you have individual straps, okay. So this swing can’t use it. Here, like when my butt was hanging off that one, if I did that in this swing, not a problem. There is no back strap in the way, nothing like that. So this is a really good system, especially if you’re gonna get really creative with positions. And speaking about being creative with positions, let’s talk about stirrups ’cause this is really key as well. So this is very small. Like maybe you can get your calf on it but that’s about it, right? And it doesn’t really adjust too far out.

It’s in an awkward adjusting position because it’s all sewn together. With a removable strap, this strap is really big. And that depends on the swing of course. But this strap is huge. You can put it like on your thigh. You can put it wherever, right. This strap removes so what’s really fun about this is that you can take this, and you can clip it up really high.

You can make it short. You can make it really long. So when it’s clipped up higher, it’s going to rotate the pelvis. And that’s going to give you really great deep penetration. Where with this one, you’re not gonna be able to do that pelvic rotation. Also I get asked a lot about doggy style or other creative positions. And with a swing like this one, the stirrup is just too small and the spec for stirrup sizes is in our descriptions. But it’s just too small. You can’t put your thigh in it.

Creativity and Comfort with your Swing

With this stirrup, because it’s so large, I can literally put it over my knee. Oh I was gonna fall here. Put it over my knee, and like can like lean into this. Like I can really get into it. So way more comfortable and practical because you can’t do that with the other sex swing. So we are going to add some more fun, creativity and comfort with your swing. The first one I wanna goober is the handle set.

Now this is a Screamer Dual Hook up here. And handles do come with this swing. But for the most part, handles are not included in swings. So if you want handles and find them really useful to like pull you up and adjust you or just grip on to in a moment. Handles are a really good accessory. The other thing is every swing that you purchase from sexswing comes with a free head rest. And this just, super easy, I’m just gonna clip it in so you can see.

This just, I’m clipping it in right at the handles. So you can clip this in anywhere. It doesn’t have to be right here. That’s just where I have a spot. So the head rest is amazing. So what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna take so much strain off of your neck and your abs. And so you can just lay back. Let it ride. Enjoy the moment. So that’s, this is included. That’s how important I think that a head rest is for any swing. The last one I’m gonna share is the squatting attachments.

Essentially Bungees with O Rings

Now these are essentially bungees with O rings on each side. And each set will lift up about 50 pounds of weight. So she’s not having to like whoa, lift all that up. If she is over 150 pounds, get two. But get two sets so you’ll end up with four. Under 150 pounds one set is adequate. And these just clip up here. And then the stirrup clips in the bottom. And you put the stirrup over your thigh and you can bounce. So this is like a super popular add on. And all these can be found under the accessories tab.

Okay let’s talk springs and safety. So this is an extension spring. And it works basically like the name says. It’s going to extend so it’ll be like woo, right? It will take a lot of force to do that. So it’s not like, don’t put afar on it, right kind of thing. It’s rated to 200 pounds. This is a spring that mosses swings will come with. Okay. Now this is a draw bar spring. And what happens with this spring is that when you put tension on it, this spring like center will compress into basically a solid piece of steel.

This is rated to 300 pounds. This is really safe. This is a spring, the exact spring, that comes with the Screamer Dual Hook and the Screamer Twist. And this is also the spring that we sell underneath our accessories tab as an add on. So if this is not the spring you want, this is the one that you can upgrade to. The thing about springs and safety, some of the manufacturers will say that a swing is rated to 200 pounds.

Mounting Location

Now when you’re mounting your swing, say in the ceiling with an I hook, you’re actually putting the I hook in a joist in wood, right. So that is your weakest point in your swing is wherever you’re gonna mount it. If it’s a stand, if it’s a spring, if it’s a chin-up bar, whatever it is, that’s where you’re weakest point is. And when you don’t have spring, all that force of movement and bounce and swing is all being directly forced right on your mounting location.

So using a spring is vital, like vital to making sure that you’re safe in your sex swing. So always, I’m stressing, use a spring. And if you want to upgrade to the draw bar spring. Also keep in mind, when you have a dual hook swing, what this does is it divides the weight that you put in the swing in half. So say you have two of these springs and their both rated to 300 pounds. You put 200 pounds in it. Each spring, each load or location in your ceiling or in your mounting location.

The load on that point is only 100 pounds. So you’re dividing the 200 pounds in half. So dual hooks are really good option for that and especially for a spring like this. Washing and storage. Both of them are very common questions. And important when you have a sex swing ’cause sometimes things might need to be washed and stored. So this is a storage bag for the Screamer Dual Hook. Okay. And also the Screamer Single hood comes with a storage bag.

Traveling Swing

They are the only two that come with a bag. And I find this super amazing especially when you’re traveling or you need to like tuck it away. This is how every other swing is gonna come. There’s no storage bag. You can hang it in the back of your closet which does work. I’ve had closets full of swings, just yeah. So anyway, so you can do that. Washing. This one, you’re just gonna spot wash it. It’s all attached to the bar. Nothing comes off. And you know, rag, spot wash, hang to dry. Okay.

So if you have one that has removable straps, that is easier. So let’s open this up. I’m just gonna open this up so you can see. To wash a swing that has removable straps, all your going to do is take like a laundry bag. You can get ‘me at Walmartor the Dollar Store whatever, like a garment bag.

Throw your straps into it. Wash it on cold. On a gentle cycle. You can tumble dry on cold. Or you can just hang to dry. You don’t wanna have too high of a heat especially with metal or plastic hardware. The metal can melt the webbing or it can jeopardize, if it’s too much heat, it can jeopardize the plastic integrity of the swing. So you don’t wanna do that. The air dry is fine. Or tumble air dry light, something like that. The specs of every swing is listed on the individual swing page. And I’m gonna throw inky little two cents here.

Fantastic, Squatting Attachments

Sex Swing Buying Guide for Beginner - SEX TOYS

I do tend to favor dual hooks. I do not personally like having a bar over my head. It just freaks me out. So the dual hook is kind of the way that I like to go. I like not having the bar, just relaxing. Head rest, free with purchase. And just really taking it in. Plus I like the ability of the straps to be removable. And I like that because really like attachments and one of them is the squatting attachment where you can be your own porn star, which I’m a big fan of.

So, that is fantastic, squatting attachments. And I like the handles can be moved. I like the fact that the stirrups can be put really high for rotating the pelvis for deep penetration. And so I’m just a big fan of this style but hopefully we gave you a lot of options to choose from two to find the best style for you and your needs.

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