Dulexo Sex Toys Wedge Pillow Position Cushion Triangle Inflatable Ramp


  • ❤️Whether you are a couple trying to sneak a moment away from life and the kids, looking for more comfort during sex due to a physical ailment, or just looking to enrich your sexuality with enhanced pleasure and intense orgasms,our sex furniture is the answer.
  • ❤️The is a wedge-shaped sex pillow that increases comfort and enhances pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The angled design of our sex wedge provides improved access to key romantic areas, pushes oral sex to a new level of excitement, and enables deeper, more satisfying penetration.
  • ❤️The sex pillow can also facilitate new sex positions that will result in levels of intensity and satisfaction you’ve only dreamed of.This sex pillow also helps with daily life and can help improve comfort while resting and help reduce body aches and discomfort. What are you waiting for?
  • ❤️Waterproof pillow can be washed directly. The pillow can keep clean and hygienic. In addition, the packaging is discreet.
  • ❤️Easy to store (under the bed or in a closet)Inflate method: by mouth or pump.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 48 cm


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